Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour

Beauty is the gift of God which is transformed from one generation to another generation. Parlour is a shop where your beauty can be enhanced through various techniques with some amount of money. Best Beauty Parlour in Noida is available for every age group whether it's male or female. So, parlour is a shop that is a very important place where application to be the treatment of hair and provide nourishment to the skin with various techniques. In the past period people had used sandalwood oil, milk powder, or milk and turmeric to beautify treatment but as time is revolutionizing then the preference of woman changing. The man also becomes careful about their beauty. Now people become more educated and advanced they used proper treatment of skin and other body parts whether its hairs or nails, feet, hands, etc. as time goes on this parlour become the need of human beings. Every man, woman, and child want to look beautiful these factors increase the demand for parlour. Qualified beauticians available in the market in this industry become very popular among people.

How do we work?

We provide you with a list of services that are designed by experts in this area. Our services include every bit of your body beautification. Various Beauty parlours in Noida are available but our parlour is more affordable not only in price but best service provider in the market. The price of every service is affordable price range. You can appoint your booking by phone and an online appointment is also available just type your name and which service you want to avail select your services and apply for your booking. Online services are also available in parlour. In online services, our beauty experts provide you services at your doorstep without charging extra cost. You can avail of our services at a reasonable price.

Pick our parlour services

Facial, Rituals, Bleach, Clean-up, Body Polishing, Threading, Pedicure, Manicure, Body Waxing


The face is an important part of our body that reflection of our personality. Through beauty parlour treatment to your face and maintain the radiance of your face. Various techniques we offer which beautify your face and also give your face more sharp look. All makeup is available in our parlour please book an appointment to take services of our parlour.


The facial technique gives shine to your face. Various rituals are available in the market but we did our work according to the rituals of the customer.


Its technique in which ammonia is used in cream to beautify the dirt on your face and body too. Bleach technique. We offer bleach with ammonia and also in natural form without ammonia. You can use whatever you want to apply to your face.


Before a facial a clean-up is compulsory which helps to clean up the face. It removes dust from the face with various clean-up techniques we offer to customers.

Body polishing

A daily bath is not enough for the body. You need to polish your body with various creams and cleansers.


The eyebrow is an important part of face beauty. To enhance this beauty threading available in various shapes and various ways available in our parlour. You can use the service whatever you liked most.


Feet are the most ignored part which we are not aware but if you come in the parlour for a pedicure, we provide you the best service and help you to look beautiful on your feet.


Usually, we washed our hands in many times but a proper technique should apply to our hands which makes it more attractive. We offer the best manicure, and pedicure service to beautify your hands and feet.

Body waxing

Unwanted hair from the body can removed through waxing technique.

Various parlours are available in the market but our parlour best parlour in Noida. You can check positive reviews available online about our parlour. Timaha hair studio is the one-stop solution for your all problems.

In this modern era lifestyle is changing women become more conscious about their beauty. So, Economics independence of women makes a woman more conscious about their look and beauty. Women Beauty Parlours in Noida is available to the solution of all beauty problems.