Nail Art Salon

Nail Art Salon

Welcome to Timaha hair studio. We provide you a better solution for your nails. Everyone wants perfectly manicured nails that attract everyone's attention without making an effort. Nowadays you can add drama to your nails. As wedding season is approaching you should work on your nails. You also want that your nails also look like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Kardashians sisters whether its marriage season or simple days everyone wants to look her nails perfectly beautiful. It’s a beautiful idea to pamper you to give yourself time. If you want to grab the attention of people at a wedding or on normal days, just come to our parlour and pamper yourself.

Nail extension

Everyone doesn’t have strong nails with normal shapes but nowadays nail extensions are available where you can add an extension to your nails that look more beautiful and stronger than natural nails. Someone has a habit to eat nails and nails never be going longer because customers eat nails before the growth of nails so through nail extension this habit can also be left. Nail extension in Noida is available to give a great look to your nails. These nail extensions help to fill in nails.

Nail Paint

Whether nail extensions apply to your nails or not you can paint your nails through our hair studio. The color of the nail paint would be your choice. A simmer look is also available in paints. Just come and grab that offer of nail paint for your nails.

Nail Art

We have nail artists available who made your nails more artistic and beautiful. Arts techniques apply to your nails various color schemes apply on nails and polish in a way that you can’t stop yourself to look at your nails again and again. Nail Art in Noida is very popular in demand so if you want that art applied by an artist then come and avail services of the parlour.

Nail Filling

Nail filing is filling the nails with beautiful art and effect. Nail extensions are available in our parlour to grow your nails artificially and also fill that nails.

Advance Nail Extension

It’s a fast-paced world for woman's nails to take time to grow nails long naturally but today women want to look nails beautiful within a short period. It's more advanced than nail extensions because it adds shine and strength to your nails and that stays longer than normal extensions.

Nail art salon in Noida is available as a solution for your nails-related problem. If you are tired of nail-biting habits then you should come to our parlour we provide you with a solution to your problem. Various techniques we have applied to your nails. Nail Art price in Noida is very high in range but in our parlour this is lesser than your daily expenditure. Just avail of our parlour services. Nail extension in Noida is available to give a great look to your nails. These nail extensions help to fill in nails. If proper nail art is also used in nails then this extension gives beautiful looks to your nails.